You may request a Mass Intention for a beloved one, living or deceased. A donation is offered along with the Mass Intention. The common donation is $10. If you can´t afford this donation you still can request a Mass Intention. In your request write the name of the person for whom you offer the sacrifice of the Holy Mass and:

- If the person is living or deceased

- Your name, last name, and contact information 

- Name and last name of the person for whom you request the Mass

State your intention, for instance: for the health and well-being of ..., for the recovery of ...for

   emotional and spiritual growth, for peace and unity within the ... family

Send this information using the form you find below or through mail to this address: 

Santuario de Chimayo

P.O.Box 235
Chimayo, NM 87522

You can use PayPal to send you donation.

Once your Intention Mass is scheduled, you'll receive a THANKSGIVING POSTCARD WITH THE RECEIPT OF YOUR DONATION. Many people make request Mass Intentions and we limit the number of intentions at each service. If you have a specific date requested, make sure that you provide your request quite in advance.

If you need assistance or further information click here

Or you can e-mail us to: