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Between Nambe and el Santuario de Chimayo:
Distance (one way): 8.2 miles.

Total Elevation Gain: About 80’ from Nambe (5994’) to Chimayo (6075’).
Difficulty: Moderate

This pilgrimage is along roads that are well-paved but sparsely trafficked. In fact, it is an excellent pilgrimage for those individuals who seek solitude. The journey winds through the hauntingly beautiful sand hills that are at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.


You will see beautiful, uninterrupted vistas along this route. Although the total change in elevation is small the journey is one of rolling hills and may present difficulties for some pilgrims.


Parking is ample at both el Santuario de Chimayo and Nambe churches.

Food and lodging are readily available in Pojoaque, a pueblo near Nambe, and are also available in Chimayo. There are no services between Nambe and Chimayo. It is largely open and uninhabited.


Santuario de Chimayo is open and available to the public during the daytime however, you should not disturb mass or other church functions while they are in progress. The Nambe church is often closed except for church functions. You should make arrangements ahead of time if you wish to visit that church.

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