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Between Truchas and Santuario de Chimayo:
Distance (one way): 9.3 miles.

Total Elevation Gain: About 1982’ from Truchas (8051’) to Santuario de Chimayo (6075).
Difficulty: Moderate

This pilgrimage can be stunningly beautiful as you descend from the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the sandhills of the Santa Cruz River. The road is paved all of the way, however the road near Truchas can sometimes be rough, especially if the winter causes road damage.


Along the way you can take the turnoff from Hwy 76 at Cordova and follow it 1.1 miles to San Antonio Church.


Santuario de Chimayo is open during the day. Nuestra Señora del Sagrado Rosario in Truchas and San Antonio in Cordova are normally not. You should make arrangements ahead of time to visit those churches. Contact us for specific church availability times.


Bed & Breakfast lodging is available in Chimayo and Truchas.

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