While the Santuario de Chimayo is open (from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm), we remind you that it is so with only limited services. As our first priority is your safety and well-being and that of other visitors, especially the most vulnerable, we are able to offer only the following services:


• Both chapels are open for individual prayer, but not for groups.

• The small Santuario gift shop is open, but the Santo Nino shop and the Welcome Center are not

• Sunday Mass at 10:30 a.m. and at 12 noon is offered at the Outdoor Mass Area.

• If the Sunday Mass is celebrated inside the chapel due to weather conditions,

   only 35 people will be allowed to stay inside the chapel.

• Daily Mass: cancelled.

• Masks and social distancing are required in the buildings and at Mass.

• As we are unable to maintain the Restrooms according to state and archdiocesan guidelines,



Though we look forward to a time when all or most previous services will again be available, we ask your understanding, cooperation and prayers in the meantime. If you are older, ill or disabled, we request that you refrain from visiting the Santuario for now, that you look forward to a future visit, and that you celebrate your home as your holy place for now. We assure you of our prayers and ask you for yours.

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