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A Long Journey for Two Short Legs

"I remembered the words of my mother at learning of the death of my brother Pedro: ‘I asked God for two priest sons. He took Pedro to Himself; now, it’s up to you to be the two priests I asked for and do twice the work: your part and the part of your brother.’"

This book is not only the biography of the man, but a resource to discern God’s call in a time when following God’s will seems to be utter craziness.

Since biblical times, priests walked with the people. While walking on pilgrimage, they were the temple of God and God was dwelling in the midst of his people.

God writes straight with crooked lines and the life of this little priest seems to match perfectly with the little Shrine of Chimayo.

Pilgrims believe that Father Casimiro Roca is as old as the shrine of Chimayo. The shrine is older but both look like they are made out of the same clay.

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