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How God had healed me from ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease

Dear Father Lee,

Two weeks ago I visited with you, sharing with you how God had healed me from ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease. You asked me to get a letter from my doctor asserting this healing was real. I am including that letter with this email.

I was diagnosed with ALS in September 2019. A couple of weeks later, I left Tulsa for Albuquerque with the friend who was with me two weeks ago. I had such a strong stirring in my spirit to visit and explore the Land of Enchantment. While God moved in many ways on that journey, the greatest for me was visiting the Shrine in Chimayo. I partook of the healing dirt, bringing some home with me. In the spring of 2020, my wife and I returned to New Mexico, and once again visited the Shrine and took some of the dirt. (We also spent some time praying in the sanctuary. My wife, who is not Catholic but evangelical, said the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong it was almost too much for her.) So twice while under the diagnosis and symptoms of ALS, I rubbed holy dirt from the Shrine on my body.

While I also had many, many people around the country praying for me, I have to believe the Lord used the dirt from the Sanctuario de Chimayo to bring about my miraculous healing. As my doctor told me this past January, "This can only be explained as an intervention by God."

All praise and glory and honor to Lord Jesus--our Savior, King, Priest and Healer!

I hope this report of what God in His mercy did for me can be used to encourage other pilgrims who visit the Sanctuary.

God's richest blessings be on you and your staff,

Jeff Dunn

Tulsa, Oklahoma

NEUROLOGY L.L.P.C. 1919 South Wheeling, Suite 707 ~ Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-5636 Todd B. Dunaway, M.D. * Phone (918) 747-7517 ~ Fax (918) 742-7947 * Diplomate in Neurology Jeremy Salas, M.D. * American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Eric Edgar M.D. * April 3, 2023 Re: Jeffrey Dunn Date of Birth: 7-17-59 Dear Mr. Dunn, I'm writing in response to your inquiry regarding your previous diagnosis of ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. I met you on September 17, 2019 after you had been diagnosed with ALS by Dr. Pasricha. This diagnosis had been confirmed with EMG testing performed by Dr. Connor and Dr. Pasricha as well as MRI testing, blood work, spinal fluid analysis and other testing done by them as well as Dr. Gonzalez. When I discovered you were getting stronger instead of weaker, I repeated the EMG testing on January 10, 2023 and we were all surprised and pleased to discover that you no longer met criteria for a diagnosis of ALS. I hope this information helps. I look forward to seeing you at our next visit. Sincerely, Todd Dunaway, M.D.


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