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This is a true story

November 20, 2017

|Our story is just one of so many that happens in this beautiful place. This is one of the easiest penance that I have ever had to do. l'm complying with Father James direction that I should share our story for the many visitors that come to the Santuario de Chimayo.

We first heard of Chimayo from my wife's grandparents. We visited Chimayo with our two youngest daughters about 20 years ago with just the idea to visit the Mission not knowing what was about to happen.

Our youngest daughter at the age of 6 began to develop a cleanliness fobia. Particularly when we went to church. She thought of it as an old dirty place. My wife had to take a towel so she could sit on it or on her mom's lap. As soon as we got home she would strip her cloth of and take a shower. My wife and I couldn't help with the church's rummage sale because in her eyes all was dirty. We also had to go to school and clean her desk and chair. We tried all kinds of different help. Nothing worked. We even talk to the Counselor about it. Many other similar situations took place. It was beginning to get extremely difficult to deal with the situation.

We arrived at the Santuario early morning before anything opened. The girls played around the grounds. There were not as many improvements than. They made little crosses and placed them on the grotos as so many others had done. We went into the church as soon as it opened. Towel in hand.

We prayed for different things we did not especially pray to help with her fobia. We enter the room with the holy sand and rubbed some on ourselves and her. The room with all the testimonials really caught her attention and she spend some time looking at all the items. The room was full. Much more than it is today.

As we were walking off the grounds I looked at her and just kidding to myself asked her "do you feel any holier?" she looked at me and said "I think I do" that was all that was said.

From that day on her fobia went away. We no longer had to deal with anything about being extra clean. In her adult life she has visited Haiti two times and loves to work with the children especially those with special needs.

The Santuario the Chimayo is our favorite place to visit. This year has been our 5th time. We were celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary.

Thank you for reading our story.


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