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They Left the Church...

20 October 2006

Father, I called you two days ago about my daughter and her husband. They left the church about eight years ago. The whole family has talked to them many times about going to church and they never came. I have been praying for them for years, but with no luck. I had almost given up hope. Then we went on vacation last Saturday. On Sunday we were in a store and a lady told me about an old church that she thought I might like to see. It was called Santuario de Chimayo and a lot of miracles had happened there. I went to the hole in the church, knelt down on my knees, rubbed the dirt between my fingers, and prayed that my daughter and her husband would come back to the church.

The next Sunday, when we came to church, they were there for the first time in years. A few days later I asked her why they came to church and she said they suddenly decided to go. She said they are coming back to the church. I can’t tell you how happy we are. It was truly a miracle!

Father, she has a very painful disease on her face and I would truly be grateful if you would send some dirt to put on her face. My sister-in-law also has cancer on her spine. When I told her the story about my daughter I asked if she would like for me to get some for her too. She said, yes, please.

Thank you, Father, I will keep in touch with you and let you know how every thing turns out.

Linda Buchanan

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